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"Fantasy; A Limitless Genre"
By: Audball audball

Many beginning writers struggle to find a genre. (Romance, Horror, Mystery, Historical Fiction, etc.)
Might I suggest . . . Fantasy!
Fantasy (, also Science Fiction) is quite possibly the most versatile genre around. YOU create the world, the characters, the rules . . . (If, in your world, you want girls to be able to fly, but not guys- so be it! Your possibilites are endless.
The first step is to create the world. Draw maps, name rivers, lakes, countries (or design your own land devisions)oceans, etc. Write brief, or detailed histories of some or all of the landmarks. Keep in mind the climate (for different weather conditions).
After you draw maps, (although you really don't have to, but it helps; also, you can make the map as you go along, that way you only have the things you need,)the next step is to name the world, and then pick who lives in your world. Will the whole world be soley populated by dwarves? Or just people? Will there be secret races, underground, or, perhaps, in the sky? YOu can design your own races of people simply by creatinig a profile.
After you compile names for places and things, along with brief histories if (you want to),pick your characters and start writing!
(this system works, although some fantasy writers take no planning whatsoever, and just plan as they go; this works also)

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