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"just dream"
By: cherry girlie

if you're a wannabe writer then i have a single
writing tip for you. to write, you need
creativity so your story can be creative, you
need imagination which helps with creativity, and
there's also one more thing. what? this-just
dream. you can get story ideas from dreams you
have when you're sleeping at night. or there's
always daydreaming. like when you're riding in a
car as a passenger and you stare out the window
and let your thoughts wander...daydreaming. if
you're a dreamer or a daydreamer then you might
have some ideas of what you want to write about.
anther last thing-keep a notebook, dairy, or
journal beside your bed with a pen, pencil, or
even a marker..if you wake up sometime during the
night after having a dream, pick up your notebook
or whatever and pencil or whatever, and write
your dream(s) down..quickly, without stopping,
don't worry about the mistakes, and don't stop
until your done. you can read it in the morning
if you want to look at it. in doing this, you may
also want to put a flashlight by your bed. or,
when you wake up in the morning, write down
whatever things you remember of whatever dreams
you had that night. i hope this helps you-it
helps me.
just dream.

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