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About When Teens Write
CEO/ Founder: Garett R. Nadrich

Co-Founder/ Webmaster: Adam Inocent

When Teens Write, the website geared toward teen publication and success, was created and started on December 14, 1998. Following the motto of "Where age is never an obstacle in the path of success", WTW plans to be a prime resource for young writers across the world.

The fact is that stereotypes have and continue to exist within the writing and publication field. This is why we have founded this idea and premise. Many teens are often rejected from submitting work to magazines in the "Adult" market, because of a lack of knowledge of format, guidelines, and writing resources. For teens who want to strive for national magazine publications, novels, and bestsellers, instead of the normal "Highlights for Children" magazines, thick skin and confidence are a necessity.

We at WTW try to help students and teenagers build their confidence by displaying their personal works of poetry and short stories. We are selective and require a format, much like most major publications and markets. This makes WTW a training ground for future experienced writers.

We strive to be a database of TEEN TALENT. We are here to help you. We want you to be noticed by others, achieve fame and recognition by way of WTW! We aim to expose the Undiscovered Talent within each of us.

*"Perhaps the best thing of all is the fact that this site is made for teens, by teens. Not only will this site offer advice and improve awareness in the field of writing and publication, but to spread the idea that teens can in fact work together to build and maintain a great establishment."* - Garett R. Nadrich, President

What You Need To Do:
Enjoy yourself, and have fun as we continue to develop what will be one of the most informative Teen websites on the net today! Feel free to comment and give us your valuable opinions and feedback.

Other WTW Staff Members

Senior Programmer
Angel Henriquez

Assisting Editor/ Poetry Manager
Mary V.S. Prabhaker

Poetry Editors
Shayla Price, Stacy-Ann Brown, Darcy McQueeney, Claudine Pena, Dionne Wrenn, Kerri Webb, Natasha Sumetsky

Deborah Stanley, Geneva J. King, Hope Clark, Leon Fletcher, and Alyice Edrich

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