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Copyright Categories

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Literary Works
A few examples of literary works are fiction, nonfiction, manuscripts, poetry, contributions to collective works, compilations of data or other literary subject matter, dissertations, theses, reports, speeches, bound or loose-leaf volumes, secure tests, pamphlets, brochures, textbooks, online works, reference works, directories, catalogs, advertising copy, single pages of text, tracts, games, automated databases, and computer programs. If your material falls into one of these categories then click here to start the copyright process.

Visual Arts
A few examples of visual arts are advertisements, commercial prints, labels, artificial flowers and plants, artwork applied to clothing or to other useful articles, bumper stickers, decals, stickers, cartographic works such as maps, globes, and relief models, cartoons, comic strips, collages, dolls, toys, drawings, paintings, murals, enamel works, fabric, floor and wall designs, games, puzzels, greeting cards, post cards, stationary, holograms, computer and laser artwork, jewelry designs, models, mosaics, needlework and craft kits, original prints such as engravings, etchings, serigraphs, silk screen prints, woodblock prints, patterns for sewing, knitting, crochet, needlework, photographs, photomontages, posters, record jacket artwork or photography, relief and intaglio prints, reproductions, such as lithographs, collotypes, sculptures such as carvings, ceramics, figurines, maquettes, molds, relief sculptures, stained glass designs, stencils, cut-outs, technical drawings, architectural drawings or plans, blueprints, diagrams, mechanical drawings, weaving designs, lace designs, and tapestries. If your material falls into one of these categories then click here to start the copyright process.

Performing Arts
A few examples of performing arts are musical works w/lyrics, scripts w/music, pantomimes, choreography, motion pictures, films, student films, original musical compositions/arrangements, plays, radio/television scripts (performances), plots, spoken texts, dance movements, patterns (sometimes accompanied by music), audiovisual works/ related images that are generall found in film or videotape, and dialogue. If your material falls into one of these categories then click here to start the copyright process.

Sound Recordings
A few examples of sound recordings are songs, lectures, demos, albums, singles, performance of sound recording, production, and engineering of sound recording. If your material falls into one of these categories then click here to start the copyright process.

Click Here To Register Your Copyright Now!

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