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For those poems which deal with the deepest meanings of life. Whether the birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, or the stress of an SAT exam, the facts of life are evident in our lives on a day to day basis. This is a poet's true chance to air his or her feelings in this category. To view this category, Click Here.
Though love is thought of as the most beautiful thing in the world, there are always two sides to a love story. One of acceptance and one of rejection. This category is geared toward all aspects of love, and the sorrow as well as happiness it puts us through. To view this category, Click Here.
Look up the word in the dictionary :) If you know what it means, you know what we want. Be free… To view this category, Click Here.
Everyone has had a "down" point in his or her life where there was no one to turn to or talk to. Sorrow and grief are part of our lives, and comes in many way, shapes and forms. Many people use poetry as a resource to alleviate and express the frustration which results from sadness. Have you? To view this category, Click Here.
Whether inspritational, ghoulish, or wicked, the "Spiritual" category is open to all works of the soul and mind... those poems which look deep inside the spiritual chapters of life. We also welcome inspirational material, as well as any and all beliefs and religious backgrounds! To view this category, Click Here.
Fear follows and lurks us like a dark cloud. Violence, rejection, intimidation, trepidation, and nervosa are all common causes of this. Express your deepest fears and situations which dealt with being scared, traumatized, or nervous. To view this category, Click Here.
Mother Nature is all around us in every way, every day. From April blooming flowers to December snowing showers, Mother Nature possesses an heir of beauty and tranquility which at one time or another simply catches us in awe. The verbal span is free, and this category is great for those who are environmentalists as well as nature lovers. To view this category, Click Here.
For anything and everything which wasn't listed above. Don't feel comfortable or "right" with submitting your poetry to the other categories? Well then this is the home for your work. Submit away and express yourself! To view this category, Click Here.
Short Stories
This is the place to submit your short stories. From murder to marriage, the topics are open and free for all to choose and submit. We ask that you do use your full name, and attach a title to your submissions. Please limit stories to under 1500 words. To view this category, Click Here.
Writing Tips
Submit your writing tips here. Know how to write a Query Letter? Or perhaps you want to know how to submit a manuscript to a publisher? If you are a writer who would like to share your tips and ideas on how to get published/ how to improve on writing, or you are a beginning writer looking for help, this is the place for you. To view this category, Click Here.
Did something or someone really work your nerves? Instead of punching that wall or doing something else you may later regret, transfer all that energy into a more positive, creative outlet. Express your outrage and frustrations through your writing. You’re sure to be surprised at the results. Remember, the pen IS mightier than the sword. To view this category, Click Here.
At When Teens Write, we are very much like family. We offer support, comfort and share some of our most intimate thoughts; only we do it, through our writing. This folder goes beyond a writer’s carefully mapped out plots, clever metaphors and rhythmic meters. It allows writers to tell the most important story of all. To view this category, Click Here.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Simple words that strike such a painful chord in us. We have all experienced the loss of a loved one at some point in our life. Although we may all react to it differently, it is still one of the most painful chapters in our lives. Share your pain, or offer your support through your poetry. You may never realize how many lives you may affect by doing so. To view this category, Click Here.
Screenwriting Tips
Working on crafting the next best motion picture hit? This is where you can get advice on improving your screenplays and film treatments. To view this category, Click Here.
WTW AIDS Awareness
Did you know that it has been estimated that over 13 million children and adolescents have lost one or both parents to AIDS? Voice your expressions of faith, struggle, or opinion through the written word. To view this category, Click Here.

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