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WTW's Mentor Program
Welcome to When Teens Write's Mentor Program! Below you will find a list of established, experienced mentors of a variety of professions, including working journalists, teachers, and published authors. Feel free to email them for advice, suggestions, critique, and any questions you may have. DO mention that you found them by way of WTW. Enjoy!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, it is simple. Just email Gnadrich@teenwriters.net with a bio of your full name, email address, current profession and past experience. 1-2 paragraphs will usually do. An attached high quality picture of yourself is preferred, but optional.

Shelley L. Moss

Shelley L. Moss has been a Freelance writer for 6 years, published on and offline. She resides in Michigan with her Husband and her four daughters and four grandchildren. Her main focus in writing has been focused around the many forms of abuse in our world today. Along with writing she also spends much time researching so that she can provided only the best resources for those in need. Besides her family, writing and reaching out to others has become her passion in life.

After personally going through the teenage stages twice Shelley learned just how hard it is for teens to cope and manage every day life. Her new founded interest lead to endless hours of research and going into schools providing her with one on one contact with teens. Shelley used this time to teach about the powerful ways of writing, how to express one's pain or thoughts on paper instead of self harming or the use of drugs. After seeing many postive responces Shelley then created A Haven for Teens. A teen writing section on the Internet, where teens can subit thier writings for possible publication. Not only being heard, they have been given the chance of becoming a writer in the future if desired while providing them with postive goals in thier life. Being a writer, publisher and editor as been rewarding, but being a mentor is more personal and powerful to the heart.

A Haven for Teens:

Shelley's Personal Website

Christina Hamlett

Former actress and director Christina Hamlett is the published author of 17 books, 98 plays and musicals, and several hundred magazine and newspaper articles. She is also the author of "ScreenTEENwriters," the only book on the market that teaches teens how to break into the film and television industry. In addition to her monthly column and mailbag, she'll be happy to read the first three pages + a synopsis of your script for free and offer a critique. For further information on how to submit material or take an online screenwriting class, please contact her at cinemaven1@cswebmail.com. You can also visit her website at http://www.absolutewrite.com/site/christina.htm.

Deborah Stanley

Looking for advice from a working journalist? Here's a chance to get answers to your questions. Deborah Stanley, a News Producer in San Antonio, Texas works with teen journalists and people interested in journalism. She'll answer your questions, critique your work, etc. She also sends out a monthly newsletter with loads of informative questions and answers on journalism.

Hope Clark

Hope Clark is editor and founder of FundsforWriters, a website, newsletters and ebooks about earning a living writing. She self-published her first book entitled FundsforWriters - THE BOOK, which offers grants and funds for writers needing financial support. She released two ebooks entitled $1000 Awards for the Serious Writer and Grants for the Serious Writer. Her own articles cover magazines, newspapers and online sites and e-zines. She recently released a paid subscription newsletter providing writers with 70+ paying opportunities per issue. Her world revolves around helping writers make a living at what they love. She makes her home in Columbia, SC with her Federal agent husband and two teenage sons. Website is http://www.fundsforwriters.com and http://www.chopeclark.com . Her email is HopeClark1@aol.com. Subscription to the newsletters can be done through her website.

Geneva J. King

I've been writing 20 years, under the same byline. I began in fiction, but have since moved to non-fiction. I am currently working on a book to come out near Christmas, and I am a contributing editor at the Fashion Market Magazine Group, which puts out three magazines. I am a contributing writer for BBW magazine, and consistant contributor to Bride Again, and a contributing writer for ChannelSeven.com. My work has appeared in everything from local publications to international magazines. My emphasis is tech but I do write Bridal, parenting, travel and fashion.

Leon Fletcher

  • Online AOL mentor & columnist for writers.
  • The most-published author writing about speech since Dale Carnegie.
  • Author of 16 published books, including:

    -- How to Speak Like a Pro, Ballantine Books trade & massmarket editions.
    -- How to Design & Deliver Speeches, college textbook; 7th edition published
    summer, 2000; previous editions used in hundreds of colleges & universities.
    -- Other published books on self-enhancement, ETV, science education, et al.

  • 800+ articles published in Writer's Digest, TV Guide, Weekend, Sea, Sail, World Digest, Honolulu, Writing for Money, Monitoring Times, et al; topics include travel, amateur radio, history, communication, etc.
  • 120+ online articles posted on 16 sites.
  • Emeritus Professor of Speech, Monterey Peninsula College.

    Alyice Edrich

    Alyice Edrich is the editor and owner of The Dabbling Mum. She published her first e-book entitled Tid-Bits for New Signing Agents in 1999. Good Mourning Lord, a grief journal will be available in 2002 through Obadiah Press. And she is currently working on a Work at Home ebook and a Party Themed book. Her articles cover magazines, online sites and e-zines. She makes her home in Merrill, WI with her College Bound husband and two children. Website is http://www.thedabblingmum.com and her email is dabblingmum@yahoo.com. Subscription to her free newsletter can be done through her website as well as ordering her books and signing up as a Party Consultant.
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