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Samantha Jonas - Spotlight Interviews
Spotlight Interviewee Samantha Jonas
Spotlight Interviews

This is the place where you can read about teens, students, organizations, and just your average person who is making moves to complete their goals and aspirations. Celebrities have to start out somewhere, and here are examples of people who have their hearts set on success, and are definitely going in the right direction.

Sean Murray Interview
By: Andrew Hard
Sean Murray is a freelance illustrator and concept artist for the Middle-Earth Online MMO video game, published by Vivendi Universal Games. Read the interview!

Black Ink Monks Feature
By: Shannon E. Cross
Poetry group at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C. has blown a breath of fresh air into the typical Open Mic night forum. They're known for giving their audience an exuberant, insightful, and comedic experience. Read the article!

Dre Bruce Interview
By: Kerri Webb
Are you looking for an alternative to the cookie-cutter, mass-produced R&B; music that has inundated America's radio waves and infiltrated the dance floors across the globe? Check out Kerri Webb's interview with R&B; singer Dre Bruce! Click Here to read it!

Samantha Jonas Interview
By: Garett R. Nadrich
Samantha Jonas is a Communications major with a concentration in journalism at Adelphi University in Long Island, New York. She has interned at the Fox News Channel, is a reporter for the Delphian campus newspaper, and has been published for her articles at Foxnews.com. Find out how she started her career, as well as how she plans to continue it. Read the interview!

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